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Suns rookie Josh Jackson fined $35,000 for ‘menacing gesture,’ language (video)

Frustrating times for the Suns.

After fouling out against the Clippers, Phoenix rookie Josh Jackson appeared to shoot a finger gun and shout ‘f— you’ at an L.A. fan.

Jackson, via Scott Bordow of azcentral:

“That’s what most people thought I was going but I actually wasn’t making a gun,” Jackson said, adding he has seen the video. “I kind of wanted to put up the middle finger to him but I didn’t do that because I felt like I was really being watched so I kind of halfway did it.”

Jackson said he doesn’t regret making the hand gesture. He said the fan had been heckling him all game.

“He called me a few names as I was coming out of the game so that’s what really set me off,” Jackson said. “But it had been going on from the same guy the entire game. Fans can come and sit so close and say whatever they want to say and us as players can’t react in any type of way. It’s something I’m still learning.”

NBA release:
Phoenix Suns forward Josh Jackson has been fined $35,000 for making a menacing gesture on the playing court and directing inappropriate language toward a fan, it was announced today by Kiki VanDeWeghe, Executive Vice President, Basketball Operations.

Jackson practically told on himself. A halfway middle finger could be considered a “menacing gesture” itself, though Jackson’s explanation isn’t entirely convincing. The NBA is particularly sensitive to finger guns after Gilbert Arenas brought real guns into the Wizards locker room.

I understand Jackson’s irritation, but it’s going to be an even longer year if he can’t tune out hecklers. There are already concerns about his attitude, and this sure won’t alleviate them.