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The time Gary Payton tried to hit Udonis Haslem with a broomstick

While the Brooklyn Nets have struggled to start the season, Kurt Helin says that the team appears like it doesn't mind where it finishes at the end of the regular season as long as they make it to the postseason.

After 19 years in the NBA — every one of them with the Miami Heat — Udonis Haslem has some stories.

Haslem shared a few of them in his must-read interview with Tyler R. Tynes of GQ. He talks about being the embodiment of Heat culture, about his role as a mentor to young players, and about that time Gary Payton tried to hit him with a broomstick (hat tip CBS Sports). Yes, you read that right.

Me and Gary Payton got into it at practice once. I don’t know what we were talking about, but shit went left. We started arguing and Gary went and got a broomstick! Pat [Riley] kicked us outta practice. We had a game that night and me and Gary didn’t speak the whole game. He was finna hit me wit’ a broomstick!

Haslem has seen a few scraps, so what was the “best” fight he saw as the Heat’s unofficial bodyguard.

Best fight? Probably the one when Shaq and Pat [Riley] got into it. It wasn’t even a fight, they were just going at it. The fight was me trying to hold Shaq back and he threw me like a sack of potato chips...I’m trying to save Pat’s old ass and Shaq grabbed me and swung me. He threw me down like that and I was just trying to stop him. Imagine if he really wanted a piece of me? I would’ve had to tase him!

It’s worth reading the whole article to get a better sense of Haslem the man, and check out some stories from a Heat and NBA legend.