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A week after hinting at a return, Tom Brady posts video of himself running

When last we saw Tom Brady running, he was wearing a Patriots jersey and being celebrated at Gillette Stadium. More recently, he posted on social media a video of himself running shirtless.

Ostensibly, it’s a plug for No Bull, the apparel company that absorbed TB12 and the Brady brand earlier this year. At a deeper level, it’s a reminder that Brady has opened the door to returning to the NFL.

He got things rolling a week ago, when he said he’s “not opposed to” the possibility of coming back during the season, if the starting quarterback for a contending team is injured. Personally, I interpreted that as a message from Brady to any team that might be interested in him for the full season. If he can sign up and play during the season, why not join a quarterback-needy team now?

With Brady, there are no accidents or coincidences. Everything is planned. (That’s not a criticism, just a reality.) He knew what his words would do. He had an objective in uttering them.

He said when he retired for the second time that he’s definitely done and not returning. “I’m retiring,” he said, “for good.” More than a year later, he hints at returning during a season in which he’s supposed to be calling games for Fox?

Brady, I believe, wants the phone to ring before or right after the draft. He mentioned the Raiders and Patriots. Other quarterback-needy teams could be interested, too, depending on what happens next week.

The Broncos, the Vikings, even the Commanders could decide to roll the dice with Brady for a year.

Regardless, Brady is making sure teams know he’s available. It will be interesting to see whether anyone calls.

Someone should. Brady would be a middle-of-the-pack-or-better quarterback right now, and he would definitely sell jerseys and put asses in seats.