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Adrian Peterson still hopes to play in 2022

Mike Florio believes Condoleezza Rice's decision to join the ownership group of the Denver Broncos is a great opportunity for the NFL to increase diversity at the ownership level.

Adrian Peterson has played 15 seasons, and he’s 37 years old. He’s played as many years as Emmitt Smith and is almost two years older than when Smith called it quits.

Peterson isn’t ready to give it up, though the game might be ready to end it for him.

The running back didn’t get his first chance in 2021 until the Titans signed him to their practice squad Nov. 1, and he finished the season on the Seahawks’ practice squad injured reserve list. He had 42 touches in 72 snaps with those two teams last season.

Peterson will fight Le’Veon Bell on July 30 at Arena, but unlike Bell, Peterson wants to leave the door open to playing football in 2022.

“This is something that I definitely can see myself doing going forward as well, just depending on how things kind of play out for me,” Peterson said Tuesday during a promotional event for the fight. “But since I’ve started, this is something that I’ll continue to do. I’ll continue to stay in the ring, continue to practice, get my skills right because it’s a different ball game when you step in that square. Fortunately for me, I have some great guys around me that are experienced. My gym in Houston, we have a ring in there. We have a lot of guys sparring all the time, and I’ve had the opportunity in the past to get in there with those guys a couple times and here recently, obviously, getting ready for the fight. I just been kind of grinding, so I might see this continue to do something going forward.

“So, even after this fight, I will still be on my same routine, waiting for that next opportunity to present itself.”

Peterson ranks fifth all time in rushing yards with 14,918, 3,437 behind all-time leading rusher Smith.