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Bill Belichick reiterates: “Ultimately, I have responsibility for everything”

Whether it’s Josh McDaniels, Matt Patricia, Joe Judge, or someone else calling the plays, there’s only one person calling the shots in New England. Same as it ever was.

Coach Bill Belichick has reiterated the reality that he runs the show in New England.

“We have a lot of people on both sides of the ball, offensively and defensively, everybody contributes,” Belichick told reporters on Sunday. “Ultimately, I have responsibility for everything that happens on the field. In the end, I’ll take responsibility for that. But we have a lot of great members of the staff. A lot of different ideas come from different areas or a collaboration of ideas. We’ll see how it goes.”

Indeed we will. It’s one of the biggest questions for the 2022 Patriots. Who will control the offense, and will the offense work?

Reporters are nevertheless concerned, as they should be, about certain details. Such as who sets the script?

“Script what?” Belichick said. “What are you talking about?” (Never change, Bill. Not that you would.)

Scripting of plays. You know, planning in advance what will be called, especially in specific situations.

"[G]enerally if you were to talk about a situation like that, you talk to the entire staff there and say, ‘Okay, first third-and-one here’s what we practiced, what are we thinking?’ Somebody might say, ‘Let’s do that,’ or ‘This will be a real good time to do that and then come back with that one the second third-and-one.’ Those suggestions, those ideas, can come from everybody and anybody. And I’d say that’s the way it’s always been.”

“Anybody and everybody” is a little broad, especially for a team that continues to rely on the “do your job” mantra.

And that’s really what he means. The suggestions and ideas can come from anybody and everybody whose job it is to make those suggestions and offer those ideas. Good luck knowing who those people may be.

Ultimately, however, it’s Belichick responsibility. But we already knew, even with McDaniels gone, the new boss would be the same as the old boss.