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Bill Belichick says he has nothing to do with taping at Bengals game

Despite a couple missed calls, the storyline continues to be the Patriots' lack of offense as they were unable to complete the comeback against the Chiefs in Week 14.

Patriots coach Bill Belichick says he was not involved in the issue that arose on Sunday when a Bengals employee reported to NFL Security that a Patriots employee appeared to be filming the Bengals’ coaches.

The incident took place during the Bengals-Browns game and raised questions about whether the Patriots were taping the Bengals’ signals in preparation for the teams facing each other this week. But the Patriots say the videographer was filming a Patriots scout for a feature on the Patriots’ website and that the football staff had nothing to do with it. On WEEI today, Belichick said he had no involvement in the taping.

“Yeah I heard about this. You know, evidently this is our production people on the TV show that were there. We have nothing to do with anything they produce,” Belichick said. “I’ve never even seen their tapes. This is something we had 100 percent nothing to do with.”

The Bengals have said the NFL is investigating the matter. The league has made no comment.