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Brett Favre: Aaron Rodgers feels like the odd man out

Mike Florio and Chris Simms give their reactions to Brett Favre's comments on The Rich Eisen Show regarding the Packers drafting Jordan Love and what that means for Aaron Rodgers.

Before the draft, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers had been making periodic appearances on Twitter. Since Wednesday, April 22, Rodgers has disappeared.

Rodgers has had nothing to say, on social media or elsewhere, since the Packers traded up four spots to select quarterback Jordan Love last Thursday, since they made a pair of picks aimed at bolstering the running game on Friday, and since they emerged from Saturday with no receivers drafted.

But that hasn’t kept him from making his thoughts known, indirectly. Rodgers spoke to his Green Bay predecessor, Brett Favre, and Favre then made multiple radio appearances on Wednesday. His comments to Rich Eisen were noted here; Favre also did a regular spot on SiriusXM NFL Radio.

“Aaron and I have a great relationship, and we talked about it,” Favre told Bruce Murray and Brady Quinn. “Obviously, he’s a little disappointed.”

Favre remained careful not to share many details about their discussion, but it’s hard not to conclude that Favre’s opinions on the subject were shaped by his conversation with Rodgers. And from that conversation came a key theme: Disrespect.

“To me, the word ‘disrespect’ I think is perfect,” Favre said. “That’s the message that it sends to Aaron.”

Favre explained that the Packers didn’t take a can’t-miss prospect who slid into their laps, like Rodgers did in 2005. Instead, the Packers traded up to take a chance on an unproven player who will do nothing to help the Packers take the next step beyond the NFC Championship.

“Isn’t it about winning now?” Favre said. “That pick says, ‘No.’”

In his appearance on SiriusXM NFL Radio, Favre also expressed surprise that the Packers didn’t follow the selection of Jordan Love by drafting a receiver, acknowledging “that would make [Rodgers] feel a little better about it.” So what’s the overall message from the Packers to Rodgers, as Favre sees it?

“Aaron, you’re on your own, buddy,” Favre said. “You and Davante Adams.”

Aaron’s on his own in a different way, as Favre sees it. Comparing the current situation to Favre’s final years in Green Bay, Favre said it’s easy for the player to conclude that the world has changed around him so much that there’s no longer a place for him in it.

“Aaron, do you ever look around and say, ‘I feel like the odd man out?’” Favre said. “And he said, ‘Yeah.’”

That pretty much says it all. Rodgers’ career currently has a two-year shelf life in Green Bay, due to the cap hit associated with trading him. It’s also possible, depending on how the 2020 season goes, that the Packers will arrange for a post-June 1 trade in 2021, allowing the cap hit to be spread over two years.

Until then, it will be awkward, to say the least. And it could get more awkward based upon the things said by and to Rodgers in the coming weeks and months.