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Brian Daboll addresses sideline interaction with Daniel Jones

After a game-sealing, full-field pick-six on Monday night, cameras caught Giants coach Brian Daboll talking in somewhat animated fashion to quarterback Daniel Jones as he left the field. Not long after that, Daboll was seen showing Jones an image on a tablet before tossing it with a spin as he walked away.

What was Daboll trying to show Jones on the tablet?

“I was trying to show him — kind of see what he thought and then kind of tell him what I saw,” Daboll told reporters in response to that question.

What was supposed to happen on the play that ended up going the wrong way for a touchdown?

“Yeah, I’m not gonna get into the particulars of it,” Daboll said. “Just, we didn’t get the job done.”

The particulars seem obvious. Tight end Darren Waller was open in the back of the end zone. Instead, Jones threw it to a different guy. And Seahawks cornerback Devon Witherspoon jumped the route.

In Jones’s defense, how was he supposed to see Waller? How was Jones supposed to see anyone? He was under constant duress throughout Monday night’s game. He had no chance to confidently set up and find a receiver. Ever.

It’s amazing that they were even in position to score a touchdown. It happened mainly because, when all else failed (and all else did fail), Jones ran with the ball.

Quarterbacks get the credit when things go well. They get the blame when things go poorly. Last night, things went poorly because the Giants offensive line was Swiss cheese. Without the cheese.