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Cap could now be above $123 million


The NFL’s version of the crop report is expected to be released in the days before free agency begins. And unless the NFL’s version of Clarence Beeks ends up in a gorilla suit (in a gorilla cage with a real gorilla), the NFL’s version of Duke & Duke could be shouting, “Buy! Buy!” when the market opens.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, it’s now believed that the salary cap could exceed $123 million per team.

Not long ago, it was believed the cap would be $121 million per team. More recently, the magic number became $122 million.

Now, it’s more than $123 million.

At $123 million, that’s only a 1.9-percent increase over last year. But it’s more than anyone thought it would be. And the extra $2.4 million in 2013 can provide the foundation for a much larger guaranteed payment now, with the amount spread for cap purposes over multiple years.

Besides, with many teams fighting to get in compliance with the cap, every dollar helps.