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Carlos Hyde: If NFL is serious, sign Kaepernick

Mike Florio wonders if the NFL's relationship with Colin Kaepernick will begin to thaw after a weekend that saw Roger Goodell post a video about standing up to racism and admitting fault in not listening to the players.

Seahawks running back Carlos Hyde says there’s one thing the NFL can do to convince players concerned with social justice that the league shares their concerns: Sign Colin Kaepernick.

Hyde, who played with Kaepernick on the 49ers and at times joined him in kneeling during the national anthem, told reporters today that bringing Kaepernick back is paramount.

“What can the NFL do? I think the NFL can start by signing Kap back. I think if they sign Kap back that will show that they’re really trying to move in a different direction because Kap was making a statement four years ago about what’s going on in today’s world and the NFL didn’t bother to listen to him then. So I think they should start by doing that,” Hyde said.

Despite NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell’s statement that the league would do more to support players’ protests, there have so far been no reports that any team will sign Kaepernick. If a team does, that would go a long way toward players believing that the NFL is serious.