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Carson Strong gets $320,000 guaranteed from Eagles

Peter King joins the show to weigh in on a crazy first round of the 2022 NFL draft and the difference between the Packers and Eagles' approach.

NFL teams have a strict limit on the signing bonuses that can be given to undrafted free agents. However, they’re not limited in the salaries or guarantees made to the undrafted rookies.

Some big guarantees have been handed out in the land rush following the 2022 draft. Leading the way, so far, is quarterback Carson Strong. He got $320,000 guaranteed from the Eagles, with $20,000 of that coming in the form of a signing bonus.

The Eagles also guaranteed $217,000 to cornerback Mario Goodrich ($10,000 signing bonus), $135,000 to guard Josh Sills ($10,000 signing bonus), and $110,000 to offensive lineman William Dunkle ($10,000 signing bonus).

Elsewhere, the Vikings gave a $250,000 guarantee to linebacker Zach McCloud ($25,000 signing bonus), the Saints gave receiver Rashid Shaheen $222,000 ($15,000 signing bonus), the Broncos gave defensive end Christopher Allen $180,000 guaranteed ($30,000 signing bonus), the Colts gave tackle Ryan Van Demark $175,000 guaranteed (no signing bonus), the Lions gave defensive lineman Obinna Eze $170,000 guaranteed ($20,000 signing bonus), the Dolphins gave offensive lineman Kellen Diesch $140,000 guaranteed ($20,000 signing bonus), the Dolphins gave cornerback Kader Kohou $130,000 guaranteed ($30,000 signing bonus), the Saints gave safety Smoke Monday $120,000 guaranteed ($20,000 signing bonus), the Cowboys gave center James Empey $110,000 guaranteed ($10,00 signing bonus), the Lions gave running back Greg Ball $100,000 guaranteed ($15,000 signing bonus), and the Lions gave tight end Derrick Deese, Jr. $100,000 guaranteed ($5,000 signing bonus).

Those are just the six-figure guarantees. Many other players received guarantees in lower amounts than that.