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Dwayne Haskins likes Red Tails if Washington changes team name

As a result of major sponsors applying pressure, Washington has announced the team name is under 'thorough' review.

The franchise quarterback has weighed in on what Washington’s new team name should be.

Dwayne Haskins wrote on Twitter that his vote would be for Red Tails, which has often been discussed as a potential new team name.

“I like the redtails,” Haskins wrote.

After hearing plenty of feedback about that, Haskins added a follow up noting that the decision to move on from the franchise’s long-term name is above his pay grade.

“That’s if we have to change the name. Now out my mentions,” Haskins wrote, clearly wanting to avoid stirring up too much trouble on Twitter.

Red Tails has support for a few reasons. The Tuskegee Airmen, African-American pilots who fought in World War II, referred to themselves as the Red Tails, and the team has indicated it would like to honor the military with its next name. The red-tailed hawk, a bird sometimes seen in Washington, D.C., could serve as the team’s mascot. The name would also allow the team to keep and only slightly alter its fight song, with fans singing “Hail to the Red Tails.”

Dan Snyder has all but confirmed that his team is going to change its name, so the only question is what the team’s next name will be. Red Tails seems like a popular choice.