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ESPN makes revisions to Booger mobile

With the Patriots' 25-6 win over the Bills, it looks like a 2-6 Buffalo team could become sellers at the trade deadline.

The Booger mobile has a new look.

After seven weeks of ESPN using a contraption that rolls along the sideline and allows analyst Booger McFarland to look down the line of scrimmage, an avalanche of criticism has prompted ESPN to modify the vehicle.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, ESPN removed the monitor that was on the back of the cart based on fan feedback. The decision supposedly came with no pressure from the league. (If there truly wasn’t, there should have been.)

The monitor, which projected images that were several seconds behind live action, has been replaced by a sheet of plexiglass, which presumably is aimed at keeping Booger from being pelted with foreign objects, up to and including his namesake nose goblins.

The presence of the monitor amounted to an admission that the Booger mobile creates an obstruction. Removing it makes the obstruction smaller, but there’s still an obstruction. The better play would be to put Booger in the booth.