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ESPN’s O.J. Simpson documentary leaves no doubt; he did it

After Hall of Fame running back O.J. Simpson died earlier this month, the murders of Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman received renewed focus. Many continue to believe he did it. Some still insist he didn’t.

I’ve re-watched ESPN’s O.J.: Made In America documentary, which is currently streaming on Netflix. The five-part series makes it crystal clear.

He did it.

The smokiest of the smoking gun is the shoes. The Bruno Magli shoes that left a print in the blood at the scene of the butchering of the two victims.

Despite all the evidence the prosecution had available to it, it lacked two key things: (1) sworn testimony from Simpson denying that he would ever wear such “ugly ass shoes"; and (2) a photo of Simpson wearing said ugly ass shows while working for NBC.

The civil case had both of those facts. And that, folks, is game over.

Simpson vehemently denied owning the shoes, not realizing there was a photo of him wearing them. Given Simpson’s denial, the picture painted one very specific word.


He did it. If you continue to swear he didn’t, watch the documentary. The prosecution blew it. The civil case did not.

Yes, he has died and that’s a tragedy for his family. But he got to live a full life. His victims did not. They should not be forgotten. Especially when it’s clear that they’re not alive today for one reason: O.J. Simpson.