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Favre, Cook leave door open for return


The amount of Brett Favre stories will hopefully decrease in the coming weeks, but they aren’t going to stop. At best, the volume will go from unbearable to aggravating.

Favre and his agent Bus Cook made sure of that in their comments made in the aftermath of Tuesday’s decision to stay retired. For now.

Cook appeared on Sportscenter Wednesday and would not rule out Favre possibly returning to play for the Vikings at some point this season.

Cook said he “doesn’t foresee any of that happening right now.” (Our italics, since you can’t italicize while speaking out loud.)

Cook also spoke about what type of situation would attract Favre: “I don’t think he’d go to a team unless it was a contender. In fact, he probably wouldn’t go to a team unless its the Minnesota Vikings.”

Cook recognized that door might be closed and confirmed that Favre would continue to work out, which Favre spoke about with SI’s Peter King. Favre says not to read too much into it.

“I’ll toss the ball around, but I ain’t tossing it to keep in shape to play,” Favre said.

But how can we not take it as a sign when Favre says he’s hurt and possibly surprised by his own decision to turn down the Vikings?

“I passed up the greatest chance I could have had right now, and it hurts,’' Favre said. “By saying no, I know I’m leaving an incredible opportunity on the table, and that opportunity is not coming back.’'

Favre knows that’s not exactly true. Things change fast in the NFL, and there is no telling what situation could arise that would inspire him to play.

“I really believe this is it. I truly, truly believe it’s over. But if someone calls Nov. 1, who knows?’'