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Former Titans G.M. Floyd Reese has a resume that features accomplishments like “led the team into salary cap purgatory” and “drafted the biggest hoodlum since Lawrence Phillips” and “insisted on Vince Young while ignoring that kid who played college football in Tennessee and who currently is ripping it up in Denver.” And he wants a chance to get back on the horse . . . and drive another franchise into the ground. Reese is openly campaigning for the G.M. job in Detroit. “If I had Williams Clay Ford’s number, you’d be hearing a dial tone right now,” Reese told the Detroit Free Press. “I’m in a unique situation. I’ve been in the league 32 years. I could be in Detroit tomorrow.” And, consequently, Reese presses his face against the rear end of the powers-that-be in Motown. “One of the real uncut gems in the NFL is Detroit,” Reese said. “It has a great owner. He’s got a lot of money. He wants to win very badly, and he’s not one of those guys that’s on the sidelines. He just wants to find someone that can help him win.” Amazingly, Reese has the nerve to criticize Matt Millen’s draft record in Detroit, in light of Reese’s own failures in late April. “Take your pick,” Reese said regarding whether Joey Harrington, Charles Rogers, or Mike Williams are the worst of the three draft picks of the Millen era. “It’s always the same. When you draft a quarterback, there’s so much more to being a quarterback than just production. You have to be a tough guy. You have to have all the intangibles. That’s why Tom Brady, a sixth-round pick who was too weak, too skinny, can be the MVP. To be a quarterback takes so much more. Sometimes you get too caught up in height, weight, speed. “You had issues with each one. You had issues with Joey’s toughness, leadership abilities. Mike Williams, you had problems. He played the Rose Bowl and weighed 254 pounds. In college, that’s fantastic. In the NFL, that doesn’t cut it. And with Charles, he had some issues; we all know that.” Floyd -- you drafted Vince Young instead of Jay Cutler. Hello? Toughness? Young is about as tough as a raw hamburger. And where Rogers had “issues,” Pacman Jones had “more red flags than a Soviet military parade.” Reese was also less than complimentary regarding whether the Lions made the right move in elevating Martin Mayhew and Tom Lewand. “I don’t know how many choices they had,” Reese said. Well, Floyd, they could have hired you. And they didn’t. And we suspect they won’t. That said, we’re convinced that the Lions screwed things up even in their effort to un-screw things up by firing Millen. For more, check out our latest offering for But we suppose they could have done worse. They could have hired Floyd Reese.