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Floyd Reese’s wife goes off on Titans

Rarely if ever do we hear from the wives of anyone in the NFL other than the players. Even then, it’s typically the wife of a high-profile player, like Kurt Warner or, well, Kurt Warner.

But, on Thursday, the wife of Floyd Reese, former G.M. of the Titans and current senior advisor to the Patriots, sounded off regarding the manner in which the Titans treated Reese -- and regarding her satisfaction with the manner in which Reese’s new team dismantled his old one.

Appearing on WGFX in Nashville (via the Nashville City Paper), Sally Reese suggested that Floyd was fired with no notice, that he was given no opportunity to clean out his office, and that his resignation letter was written by Titans senior V.P. Steve Underwood.

She called the station in response to comments from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, who covered the Titans when they were the Houston Oilers and who apparently suggested that some sort of friction between Floyd Reese and coach Jeff Fisher contributed to Reese’s departure.

“I was here in Nashville, and I was listening to John McClain speak, and I just had to kind of set the record straight, because my husband won’t,” Sally Reese said. “There was no fighting between Jeff and Floyd. I will say this, if pressed, that different people called us for months before and said they were picking sides. . . .

“So bottom line is my husband just went along and did his job and everything was just fine and one day he went to work and said, ‘Gee after 21 years we’re going in a different direction.’ Floyd still kind of didn’t get that. It was like, ‘What, what?’ Now what I read and I hear all that stuff. My husband was totally oblivious. All he did was his job.”

As to the suggestion of friction between the two, Sally Reese in a roundabout way confirmed that Fisher wanted Reese out.

“He kept Jeff from getting fired two times,” she said. “So if he’d let him get fired, he’d still be there. Hello? That’s hindsight. But you know paybacks -- can I say bitch? -- payback’s a bitch. Sunday I was hoping they’d run it to 100. And I love Tennessee. All you Tennessee people, my dad’s from Tennessee, but when you get sucker punched, you want to sucker punch back. My husband said it would be very uncool. He said, ‘We have to play them again.’ I said I only hope.”

Sally Reese also acknowledged that she’ll have some explaining to do to her husband.

“He won’t like it,” she said. “My son just called me a little while ago, and had I told him, he would have gotten through to Floyd on the plane. So I didn’t tell him either. But it’s all good. Oh, and the last thing when the statement was issued, when Floyd issued a statement. Floyd didn’t issue a statement. Underwood made it up. That’s another thing. I don’t know if that’s a lawsuit, but being a vindictive wife, I would have done a lawsuit.”

Technically, Floyd Reese did resign from the Titans in early 2007. But the move came only a month before his contract was set to expire. With the team deciding not to keep Reese around, it made sense for him to leave early and commence his search for new employment.

“I had hopes of signing a contract extension and staying with the Titans for many more years, but it became apparent to me over the last several months that that would be difficult,” Reese said in the statement released by the team. “Rather than drag out a process that would probably end up with us going our separate ways, the right thing to do is to cut ties now and let the Titans move on and me as well.”

Even if the statement was written by Underwood, it hardly sounds like a collection of words aimed at making the franchise look good.

The collection of words uttered by Sally Reese doesn’t make anyone look good -- and if she ever asks Floyd why he can’t find another position as a General Manager, all he needs to do is play the tape.