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George Kittle makes WrestleMania cameo, flattens the Miz during match against McAfee

San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle joins the set to discuss the team's culture under Kyle Shanahan and preview Super Bowl LVII.

Fun-loving 49ers tight end George Kittle loves the fun of pro wrestling. On Saturday night, he got directly involved.

In the front row at the 39th installment of the WWE’s answer to the Super Bowl, Kittle drew the attention of a wrestler named the Miz during an impromptu match between the Miz and Pat McAfee.

The Miz shoved Kittle back to his chair. Kittle removed his jacket to reveal that he was indeed ready to rumble, with a sleeveless Tight End University T-shirt and shorts.

Kittle jumped over the barrier and, while Miz was looking the other way, prepared to charge. The Miz turned just before Kittle flattened him with a clothesline.

That’s apparently all Kittle did. Which surely made the 49ers breathe a sigh of relief. While the risk of injury isn’t significant, teams can get skittish about their players participating in pro wrestling. In 2007, for example, the Titans went to court to keep Pacman Jones from participating in a TNA wrestling event, even though Pacman was suspended by the NFL at the time.

McAfee, who retired after the 2016 season, has no such limitations. He finished the Miz with a move called a Swanton Bomb that had McAfee doing a flip from a post into the area around the ring and landing on the Miz (it looked painful, scripted or not). The Miz was then dragged back into the ring for the finish.

WrestleMania continues tonight. It streams exclusive on Peacock, by the way.