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Glover Quin saved his money, so he can retire in comfort

Chris Simms caught up with Charles Barkley to talk about the NBA's frenetic offseason, and why he thinks it could have a negative effect on the players in the next collective bargaining agreement.

Veteran safety Glover Quin announced his retirement last week, but he doesn’t need to find another job if he doesn’t want to.

Quin told Peter King for this week’s Football Morning in America that he has saved 70 percent of his after-tax income. Quin made about $33 million in his NFL career, so even living on 30 percent of his income, he was more comfortable than most, but he didn’t throw money away on the kinds of things that cause some professional athletes to go broke.

“That was all a part of the plan,” Quin said. “I never had a Bentley. I never had a Maserati. My wife and I lived well. We just didn’t live extravagantly. My attitude was, if you sacrifice a little bit in your twenties, you can live great for the rest of your life. And by doing that, I could walk away without thinking right now, ‘I gotta play one more year because I really need that extra $2 million.’”

Quin was known as a smart player on the field, but he may be smarter off the field, and his example would be a good one for other players to follow.