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Goodell wants NFL to be earning $25 billion per year by 2027

The year 2027 is a long way away. Yours truly will turn 62 that June. And we’ll all have Apple-manufactured computer chips in our bloodstream, monitoring our cholesterol levels while simultaneously playing our latest iTunes purchases.

Most importantly, the NFL plans to be earning $25 billion per year in revenue.

According to Daniel Kaplan of SportsBusiness Journal, Commissioner Roger Goodell disclosed the revenue goal to ownership last month at the league meetings in Orlando. The estimate represents an average growth of roughly $1 billion per year.

“It certainly is an aggressive number,” Cowboys COO Stephen Jones told Goodell, “but it is certainly one we would like to get to.”

The number isn’t quite as big as it sounds, given the time value of money. And while the NFL likely won’t get $1 billion per year in new revenue in each of the next few years, we think that eventually the growth will exceed $1 billion per year -- especially if the NFL expands the regular season and continues its international growth.