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Jake Plummer: Aaron Rodgers would turn Broncos into instant contender

The Packers and quarterback Aaron Rodgers remain at odds, with the next tangible development coming in roughly three weeks, when Rodgers does or doesn’t show up for training camp. Looming over the relationship continues to be the possibility that the Packers will decide to pull the plug and give Rodgers the trade he wants, with the Broncos being the team most likely to throw its quarterback plan out the window at this stage of the offseason and embrace Rodgers.

Former Broncos quarterback Jake Plummer, speaking to Jon Heath of USA Today to promote Plummer’s upcoming film debut, made the case for Rodgers immediately transforming the Broncos into a contender, if the move were to happen.

He’s brilliant,” Plummer said of Rodgers. “He has a photographic memory, I’m sure he could look through the playbook and have it down in a couple days. So if he could fall into that organization, I just think his talent and his abilities take a pretty talented guy who’s just kind of been mediocre because he’s never had that motivation or taste to now go, ‘Holy [expletive], we could really win this.’”

The instant confidence coupled with accountability and motivation would help the Broncos get more from their team.

“[H]e’ll pick up his game and spend the extra time he needs to spend to get better to raise the bar of everybody around him,” Plummer said. “Kind of like Peyton [Manning] did when he came here. If [Rodgers] became a Bronco, you know, good for that organization, hopefully good for him, but I just hope he gets a chance to play where he wants to play and it’s set up for his success.”

Plummer remains a believer in and advocate of third-year quarterback Drew Lock, who’ll compete with Teddy Bridgewater for the starting job. But Plummer knows that Rodgers would have an impact on the Broncos that neither Lock nor Bridgewater will.

“I still think they’ve got a pretty [expletive] good team coming into this year,” Plummer said. “I think [Lock] can be pretty good to lead them, but who knows with the Aaron Rodgers situation how that’s going to play out?”

No one knows how it’s going to play out. For the Broncos and their fans, the possibility continues to loom that the quarterback position will receive a dramatic upgrade, the kind that will make the top-heavy AFC even more crowded with teams good enough to make it to the Super Bowl -- the Chiefs, Bills, Ravens, Browns, Patriots (yes, Patriots), Titans, Colts, Steelers, Chargers, and (with Rodgers) the Broncos.