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Kyle Shanahan: Brock Purdy is right on pace

Mike Florio and Chris Simms map out why they believe the 49ers are setting things up for Sam Darnold to be the backup over Trey Lance, in the event Brock Purdy isn’t ready to go.

49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan said on Tuesday that he didn’t have much of an update on quarterback Brock Purdy. But he did detail some aspects of the throwing program Purdy recently started.

While Shanahan hasn’t been watching Purdy’s workouts, the head coach said Purdy remains on the right path in his return.

“He’s right on pace,” Shanahan said, via “I think he throws three times a week. I do not sit and watch those. It’s part of his process of getting back and he’s continuing right on the track he’s always been on — no setbacks and it’s been very good so far.”

Shanahan was then asked if it’s his understanding that Purdy might participate in certain elements of training camp even before he’s fully cleared.

“I haven’t asked any of those [questions] yet,” Shanahan said. “We’re taking it very slowly. It’s not like you just jump out and push stuff. You’re only supposed to throw on this date, at this percentage, this many yards. And you do a certain [amount] a couple of days later. And if you stay on track, it should heal the right way. And right now, everything is right on track.

“So we don’t go any — I don’t ask three weeks ahead. You just keep trying to stay on that trajectory.”

Shanahan and General Manager John Lynch have consistently said throughout the offseason that Purdy has the inside track to being the team’s starter to open 2023 if he’s healthy. It doesn’t seem like anything has happened that would knock Purdy off course to start Week One in September.

“Everything’s normal. I know we want updates, and I get it, but there are none,” Shanahan said with a laugh. “It’s like, just the next day of working out and rehabbing. I don’t get too involved in that. See him in the meetings, talk to him about football, and stuff like that. Things will happen when he’s healthy.

“We’re just waiting for him to get healthy.”