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Marshawn Lynch “embarrassed to work for” the NFL over fines


Marshawn Lynch rarely has anything to say to the media, but he had something interesting to say on Twitter.

Lynch, who has been fined many times and has been threatened with more fines over issues ranging from crotch-grabbing touchdown celebrations to the color shoes he wears to his refusal to participate in mandatory media activities, took to Twitter to protest NFL fines. But Lynch wasn’t complaining about his own fine. Instead, Lynch said that he’s “embarrassed” to work for the NFL after it fined a teammate for celebrating with him after a touchdown on Sunday against the Packers.

Lynch is apparently referring to the NFL fining Seahawks receiver Chris Matthews $11,025 for celebrating with Lynch. The NFL reportedly thought that Matthews grabbed his crotch, which is why he was fined, although it wasn’t clear from replays that he had actually done that.

Lynch may have more to say about this when he’s surrounded by microphones during Super Bowl week. More likely, he won’t.