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Mike Lombardi moving on from New England


After the Browns abruptly fired G.M. Mike Lombardi, he quickly landed in New England as an assistant to the coaching staff. Two years later, Lombardi is moving on.

Mike Reiss of reports that the split is amicable. If it’s not, it would be interesting to see the reports that could emerge in the coming weeks and months via leaks by a disgruntled former employee of an organization about which plenty of media outlets would love to dig up dirt.

Even with a positive split, Lombardi will be in position to share a unique perspective of life during #Deflategate -- if he will or if he legally can, given the terms of whatever documentation he signed on his way through the door, during his time there, or on the way out.

Reiss reports that some believe Lombardi may be considering a role with the new Bill Simmons venture at HBO. Lombardi was a frequent guest on Simmons’ podcast before Lombardi was hired by the Browns. Lombardi also had been working for NFL Network when Eric Weinberger, who now works with Simmons, was calling the shots on who did and didn’t get on the air.