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More words of wisdom from Dwayne Bowe

On Wednesday, word emerged of some ill-advised comments from Chiefs receiver Dwayne Bowe regarding the practice of “importing.”

As it turns out, the story of Bowe’s bone-headed remarks to ESPN The Magazine came to light roughly 15 minutes after our friend Nick Wright of 610 Sports Radio in Kansas City harvested some comments from Bowe regarding his relationship with quarterback Matt Cassel.

Asked about the value of having extended time with Cassel, who joined the team in 2009, Bowe said on the air, “It’s like an extra year with your girlfriend trying to map things out. You know, those quarterbacks, they’re like my girlfriend. No homo.”

Bowe said more and Wright said more but the last two words from the quote -- “no homo” -- raised eyebrows. As they should. Even if this phrase arose from hip-hop culture and was used by Bowe with no specific homophobic intent, reasonable minds could conclude that it is both homophobic and offensive.

Some may think it’s less offensive that former Chiefs running back Larry Johnson’s alleged direction of the word “faggot” to a reporter during the 2009 season, but many likely will think that Bowe at least crossed the same line over which Johnson leaped.

Feel free to share your own thoughts below.