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NFL jersey pitch gets Packers fans peeved


As part of the NFL’s effort to market the new Nike jerseys, the league is sending out mass emails inviting customers to “explore” the new offerings reflecting the colors and logos of their favorite teams.

Packers fans aren’t impressed.

The email that automatically is sending to Packers fans shows a man wearing Aaron Rodgers’ jersey. From the front and from the back. And the shot from the back reveals the name plate.


Yep. The league’s official online marketing arm failed to properly spell the last name of the reigning NFL Most Valuable Player.

Look, we realize that everyone makes mistakes from time to time. At times, we have typos -- but only because we’re moving quickly to get content posted and to move on to the next story in the stack.

When an ad sent by the NFL contains an image of the reverse of an Aaron Rodgers jersey and no one whose fingerprints are on the final product, from preparing the jersey that was used in the ad to photographing the jersey to picking the photos to building the ad to sending out the email, notices that the “D” is missing, that’s a problem.

Of course, there’s a chance the mistake reflects a subtle reference to the Mike Ornstein bounty email. If that’s the case, then all we can really say is, “Bravo.”

UPDATE 10:27 a.m. ET: As a reader points out via Twitter, the NFL should have employed the “discount double spell check.”