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Patrick Mahomes endorsed grass over turf this week, too

There’s supposedly a difference of opinion among players as to whether grass or turf is the preferred surface. We’re still waiting for the members of #TeamTurf to begin to declare themselves.

Meanwhile, plenty of players are making it clear that grass is better. Including the reigning NFL MVP and Super Bowl MVP.

“I think it’s pretty simple, the numbers say that grass is healthier for the players,” Mahomes said, via Wesley Roesch of USA Today. “I want to play on the best surface that will keep me healthy.”

The NFL likes to word-salad its way through discussions of data regarding grass vs. turf, hopeful to create the impression that there’s a true and legitimate difference of opinion. Common sense and anecdotal evidence is inescapable. Players prefer grass.

Why wouldn’t they? There’s more cushion, more give. The dirt absorbs the forces generated by the player movements; the forces don’t ricochet back up into their legs or arms or torsos. Cleats don’t get stuck. Helmets don’t absorb extra shock.

Still, the league benefits from confusing the issue to the point that it seems to be a fair debate. It’s not. Grass is better. Grass is healthier. Grass is preferred.

But, alas, grass is more expensive. And those owners who don’t have to pay for it would prefer to continue not doing so. Hopefully, at some point, the debate will be exposed as not a debate, and the owners will have no choice but to pivot to the real stuff.