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Peyton Manning’s new deal has a no-trade clause


When Peyton Manning gave the Broncos $4 million in base salary for 2015, he got something in return. And not just the ability to earn the $4 million back.

Per a source with knowledge of the situation, Manning’s new contract contains a no-trade clause. Which means that the Broncos (duh) can’t trade him.

Which likewise means Peyton Manning didn’t want to leave Denver. It’s well established that Peyton Manning abhors change. Even though plenty has changed in Denver, he’s still in the same city, same stadium, same locker room. And he’ll surely be running the same offense, despite the arrival of coach Gary Kubiak, who has a different system.

Even without a no-trade clause, it’s unlikely that any team would trade for Peyton Manning if he didn’t want to play for that team. Still, Peyton asked for and received a commitment that the Broncos won’t, and can’t, ship him to another city, in 2015.

According to the Broncos, the no-trade clause applies only to 2015. So, in theory, he could be traded in 2016.