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PFT’s updated Week 13 2020 power rankings

Mike Florio and Chris Simms recap the Steelers' victory in Wednesday's thrice-postponed showdown against the Ravens.

1. Steelers (last week No. 1; 11-0): It wasn’t pretty, but undefeated through 12 weeks is more than enough to keep the top spot.

2. Chiefs (No. 2; 10-1): If they ever play a full 60 minutes, they’ll score 100 points.

3. Saints (No. 3; 9-2): The Saints are closing in on securing the right to play their playoff games in an empty home stadium.

4. Bills (No. 4; 8-3): Ready or not, they’re coming to prime time for three of their next four games.

5. Packers (No. 7; 8-3): The low-energy-at-home Packers finally woke up.

6. Seahawks (No. 8; 8-3): A run for the top seed remains extremely viable, especially if DK Metcalf keeps playing like he did on Monday night.

7. Titans (No. 9; 8-3): They’ll go as far as Derrick Henry will take them.

8. Rams (No. 5; 7-4): Sean McVay has a Kyle Shanahan problem.

9. Dolphins (No. 10; 7-4): It’s very easy to work FitzMagic when playing the Jets.

10. Colts (No. 6; 7-4): This team regularly flips from contender to pretender.

11. Browns (No. 15; 8-3): Playoffs? Playoffs? Playoffs!

12. Buccaneers (No. 13; 7-5): The Bucs have extra time to prepare for a stretch run that will either cement their playoff spot or see their season fall apart.

13. Ravens (No. 12; 6-5): They handled a week of uncertainty and adversity well; will it galvanize them for the critical stretch run?

14. Cardinals (No. 11; 6-5): From Hail Murray to Hell, Murray.

15. Vikings (No. 18; 5-6): It’s better to be lucky than good. It’s ideal to be both.

16. Patriots (No. 19; 5-6): The Terminator isn’t dead yet.

17. 49ers (No. 22; 5-6): If they get to the playoffs, they could be as dangerous from the back of the pack than they were as the frontrunner.

18. Falcons (No. 21; 4-7): Raheem Morris finally proved why the Bucs fired Jon Gruden and promoted Morris more than a decade ago.

19. Raiders (No. 14; 6-5): They’re just not ready to be a successful franchise.

20. Bears (No. 16; 5-6): They’re just not ready to be a successful franchise.

21. Broncos (No. 17; 4-7): When you have two quarterbacks, you have none. When you have no quarterbacks, you have none.

22. Panthers (No. 20; 4-8): Matt Rhule definitely didn’t earn his curve-blowing salary on Sunday.

23. Giants (No. 23; 4-7): Colt McCoy may currently be the fourth best quarterback in the NFC East, but that may not be nearly good enough.

24. Washington (No. 24; 4-7): Alex Smith is the Comeback Player of the Year. The only question left is whether the voting will be unanimous.

25. Texans (No. 25; 4-7): With Will Fuller suspended, that puts even more pressure on Deshaun Watson.

26. Eagles (No. 26; 3-7-1): That fairly recent Super Bowl trophy may not save Doug Pederson, after all.

27. Lions (No. 27; 4-7): The streak of years without a playoff win will stretch to 30. Congratulations?

28. Cowboys (No. 28; 3-8): The streak of years without an appearance in the NFC Championship will stretch to 26. Congratulations?

29. Chargers (No. 29; 3-8): If the coaching job comes open, if could be the most attractive vacancy in the league.

30. Bengals (No. 30; 2-8-1): Think of all those offensive linemen they could draft with all the picks they acquire when trading the Trevor Lawrence or Justin Fields pick.

31. Jaguars (No. 31; 1-10): This franchise’s recent struggles trace to the return of Tom Coughlin.

32. Jets (No. 32; 0-11): The right to be snubbed by Trevor Lawrence will soon be secured.