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PFT’s Week 13 2022 NFL power rankings

The Eagles rushed for 363 yards in a home win against the Packers, the most in a game by Philadelphia since 1948, as Jalen Hurts also set a franchise quarterback rushing record in the process.

1. Chiefs (9-2; last week No. 1): They sometimes make it look so much easier than it is.

2. Eagles (10-1; No. 2): They sometimes made it look harder than it needs to be.

3. Cowboys (8-3; No. 3): Although they got a win, the 40-3 version of the Cowboys won’t be showing up every week.

4. Dolphins (8-3; No. 4): TuAnon has become Tua-Second-to-None.

5. Bills (8-3; No. 5): Their games are far closer than they should be.

6. 49ers (7-4; No. 7): The defense is so good, it doesn’t matter what they do on offense.

7. Vikings (9-2; No. 8): They’re not giving up yet on the possibility of being the No. 1 seed.

8. Bengals (7-4; No. 14): They’ve managed to stay under radar despite going to the Super Bowl. That likely won’t last much longer.

9. Ravens (7-4; No. 6): Good teams that blow two-score leads to bad teams have a hard time remaining good teams.

10. Giants (7-4; No. 9): It feels like it’s starting to come apart at the seams, a little bit.

11. Patriots (6-5; No. 10): Thursday night’s game against the Bills becomes the biggest of the year for this team, so far.

12. Seahawks (6-5; No. 11): Introducing the Legion of Room (to Run).

13. Titans (7-4; No. 12): They need someone to step up on the rare days when Derrick Henry gets bottled up.

14. Jets (7-4; No. 16): Mike White is playing the way Zach Wilson should have been.

15. Commanders (7-5; No. 15): The schedule takes a very sharp turn, starting now.

16. Chargers (6-5; No. 18): They make not make it to the postseason. Without Sunday’s walkoff win, they likely would have had no chance.

17. Buccaneers (5-6; No. 13): The division remains in their control, but they’ll have a hell of a time against the No. 5 seed, when the time comes.

18. Falcons (5-7; No. 17): They just keep hanging around.

19. Lions (4-7; No. 19): These truly aren’t the same old Lions. And the next two games will be critical to proving it.

20. Browns (4-7; No. 23): Things suddenly have gotten very interesting in Cleveland.

21. Steelers (4-7; No. 27): Never, ever write off Mike Tomlin and company.

22. Panthers (4-8; No. 28): Steve Wilks has done enough to earn the full-time job. Will he get a fair shot at it?

23. Raiders (4-7; No. 29): Yes, they should have picked up the Josh Jacobs fifth-year option. But would he be doing this if he wasn’t in a contract year?

24. Jaguars (4-7; No. 30): They’re the kid who brings home straight A’s once per year, while otherwise struggling to pass all his classes.

25. Packers (4-8; No. 20): It’s time to see what Jordan Love can do.

26. Cardinals (4-8; No. 21): I’d pay a lot of money to see the outtakes and deleted scenes from Hard Knocks.

27. Colts (4-7-1; No. 22): It’s almost as if the person responsible for managing the clock late in the game has hardly any experience doing so.

28. Saints (4-8; No. 24): Is it crazy to think they should offer Sean Payton $30 million a year to come back?

29. Rams (3-8; No. 25): They have four more nationally-televised standalone games this year.

30. Bears (3-9; No. 26): If they can’t win with their best player in the lineup, they’ve got little chance without him.

31. Broncos (3-8; No. 31): They were No. 19 back in Week One, and plenty of Broncos fans were pissed about that.

32. Texans (1-9-1; No. 32): Absent new ownership, does anyone see this changing any time soon?