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PFT’s Week 15 2021 power rankings

Mike Florio and Mike Golic examine the risk of Aaron Rodgers repeatedly bringing up his toe injury, even though it doesn't appear to be greatly interfering with his performance.

1. Packers (10-3, No. last week No. 3): Did you hear that Aaron Rodgers has a broken pinkie toe?

2. Patriots (9-4, No. 2): The No. 1 seed is within their grasp. It’ll be a disappointment at this point if they don’t get it.

3. Buccaneers (10-3, No. 4): Four straight wins and a final stretch with favorable matchups could mean that the road to this year’s Super Bowl will go through the place where last year’s Super Bowl was played.

4. Rams (9-4, No. 6): Desperation always is the difference maker.

5. Chiefs (9-4, No. 5): They’re back, even if no one wants to accept it.

6. Cardinals (10-3, No. 1): Do they have the experience and maturity to win high-stakes games?

7. Cowboys (9-4, No. 7): Micah Parsons should play offense, too.

8. Titans (9-4, No. 9): If they get Derrick Henry back for the playoffs, they’ll be a problem.

9. Ravens (8-5, No. 8): They can still win the division. Can they win in the postseason?

10. Colts (7-6, No. 10): They’ll be the toughest out in the AFC playoff field.

11. Chargers (8-5, No. 12): If they can get consistent, they can get deep into January.

12. 49ers (7-6, No. 14): This team will go as far as George Kittle takes them.

13. Bills (7-6, No. 11): Only Josh Allen can save the season.

14. Bengals (7-6, No. 13): Time is running out on their ability to string wins together.

15. Browns (7-6, No. 19): Postseason or not, this team has a big decision to make at the quarterback decision.

16. Vikings (6-7, No. 22): They still have a decent chance to blow a double-digit lead and lose in the wild-card round.

17. Dolphins (6-7, No. 17): The most underrated team in the AFC has a chance to crash the playoff party.

18. Broncos (7-6, No. 21): They may not make the playoffs, but they may save Vic Fangio’s job.

19. Steelers (6-6-1, No. 15): That tie is going to be a major factor when the dust settles on the 2021 regular season.

20. Eagles (6-7, No. 20): Hurts vs. Minshew is becoming the new Wentz vs. Foles.

21. Falcons (6-7, No. 23): How are they still alive?

22. Saints (6-7, No. 24): The return of Alvin Kamara gives New Orleans a chance to salvage a lost season.

23. Washington (6-7, No. 16): Sometimes, Goliath beats David.

24. Raiders (6-7, No. 18): Commitment to, well, something.

25. Seahawks (5-8, No. 26): A tenth straight winning season remains possible, but not likely.

26. Panthers (5-8, No. 25): David Tepper won’t rest until Vince Lombardi is the coach, Ron Wolf is the G.M., and Tom Brady is the quarterback.

27. Giants (4-9, No. 27): The best move would be to blow it all up.

28. Bears (4-9, No. 28): Leave it to the Bears to clean house and slow the growth of Justin Fields.

29. Jets (3-10, No. 29): Is there any reason to think things will be better next year?

30. Lions (1-11-1, No. 30): Is there any reason to think things will be better next year?

31. Texans (2-11, No. 31): Is there any reason to think things will be better next year?

32. Jaguars (2-11, No. 32): Is there any reason to think . . . oh, hell, you get the picture.