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PFT’s Week Seven 2021 power rankings

Derrick Henry is unquestionably the Titans' most dangerous weapon and shows no sign of slowing down after chewing up the Bills' defense in Week 6.

1. Cardinals (6-0, last week No. 2): I keep saying “it won’t last.” And it keeps lasting.

2. Buccaneers (5-1, No. 3): They’ll be No. 1 again, in time.

3. Ravens (5-1, No. 4): To those who complained about the Ravens being No. 4, well, they’re no longer No. 4.

4. Rams (5-1, No. 5): Jared Goff returning to L.A. to face the Rams lacks the sizzle of Brady vs. the Patriots, for some reason.

5. Packers (5-1, No. 6): With each passing week, the Week One outcome becomes more confusing.

6. Bills (4-2, No. 1): The upcoming schedule is littered with wins.

7. Cowboys (5-1, No. 7): Cowboys fans need to brace for the possibility that, after the bye, it could be Cooper Rush at QB for a bit.

8. Bengals (4-2, No. 10): The Bengals may not be a Super Bowl team in 2021, but it feels like it’s coming.

9. Titans (4-2, No. 14): We’re witnessing history from Derrick Henry. And we need to start noticing.

10. Chargers (4-2, No. 8): Battleship 1, Strawberry 0.

11. Chiefs (3-3, No. 11): The Chiefs are trying to fix a flat tire on a moving car. With Patrick Mahomes, it’s not impossible.

12. Saints (3-2, No. 12): With so many great teams in the NFC, the Saints need to start stringing wins together now.

13. Raiders (4-2, No. 15): Everyone should be pulling for the Raiders, given the obvious and blatant efforts by someone with plenty of power and influence to torpedo their entire season by forcing an October coaching change.

14. Browns (3-3, No. 9): The Browns don’t do high expectations very well.

15. Vikings (3-3, No. 16): The next two games (Cowboys, Ravens) will go a long way toward determining whether this team can get to the playoffs.

16. Panthers (3-3, No. 13): 3-0 with Christian McCaffrey. And 0-3 without him.

17. Steelers (3-3, No. 21): Never, ever, ever write off the Steelers.

18. Patriots (2-4, No. 17): There’s no column in the standings for moral victories.

19. Seahawks (2-4, No. 18): Could Pete Carroll actually be sliding toward the hot seat?

20. 49ers (2-3, No. 20): Could Kyle Shanahan actually be sliding toward the hot seat?

21. Bears (3-3, No. 19): The Bears would welcome having a player-owner again.

22. Eagles (2-4, No. 22): The “hey we didn’t get our asses kicked by a much better team” thing only works for so long.

23. Falcons (2-3, No. 24): They’re good enough to make plenty of their games interesting.

24. Colts (2-4, No. 27): Give them credit for quickly getting past a heartbreaking loss to the Ravens.

25. Broncos (3-3, No. 23): If the season ended today, the Broncos would be the No. 7 seed in the AFC. When the season actually ends, they will not be.

26. Washington (2-4, No. 25): Their regression in 2021 makes their division title in 2020 even more impressive.

27. Jaguars (1-5, No. 32): Matthew Wright won a job by saving the head coach’s.

28. Jets (1-4, No. 29): “Thank you, Giants.”

29. Giants (1-5, No. 26): The person most responsible for the chronic mess in New York should be fired. John Mara, however, likely won’t fire himself.

30. Dolphins (1-5, No. 28): Stephen Ross’s finger is inching closer to the reset button.

31. Texans (1-5, No. 30): Well, at least they got their own win.

32. Lions (0-6, No. 31): Are the 2008 Lions rooting for the 2021 Lions to keep losing?