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Rams unveil new uniforms, finally

The Chargers have added numbers back on their helmets in the six new looks they will debut for the 2020 NFL season.

Good news: The Rams have finally unveiled their new uniforms.

Bad news: The Rams have finally unveiled their new uniforms.

As expected, the iconic design on the helmet has been adjusted, with lines and shading and something other than the continuous solid horn dominating the helmet.

The uniforms can be seen at, a destination that potentially will induce a seizure or two with all of the flashing logos and movement.

The new blue in the uniform is dubbed “Rams Royal,” and the new yellow is called “Sol” (yes, Sol) “after the bold sunshine of Southern California and also represents the ‘soul’ of the team.” The white is officially “Bone” (there’s a wisecrack floating around in there regarding the connection between the choice of color name and that prices at the team’s new stadium, but I’ll exercise discretion).

The numbers have been Nikified (they are shaped sort of like the Steelers’ numbers), and the Sol digits on the Rams Royal jersey fade subtly to Bone. Also, there’s a shoulder patch that has “Los Angeles Rams” written on it, apparently to ensure no one thinks they’ve moved back to St. Louis or Cleveland.

The uniform also has three sets of pants, one for each of the three primary colors.

Given the strong negative reaction to the team’s new logos, look for the uniforms to trigger a pushback, too. Which means that the Rams can keep them for a few years and then Nikefy the look a little bit more with the latest iteration of the ensemble.