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Rams, Nike blew a great opportunity on Thursday night


During a week when there wasn’t much about the Rams to create excitement, their Thursday night uniforms did, at least for me.

The Rams were using the Color Rush campaign as an occasion to go old school, peeling the gold horns from their blue helmets and re-attaching white ones. For the mustard-turtlenecked 6-year-old version of me, the return of the blue helmet with the white horns was a big deal.

The Rams (and uniform supplier Nike) blew it regarding the rest of the ensemble. I, and many others, assuming the Rams would be wearing all-white jerseys with blue numbers and letters and all-white pants with maybe a blue stripe down the leg. Instead, the Rams donned their usual white, blue, and gold jerseys and their white pants with a thick gold stripe bordered in blue.

The problem is that the Rams’ official Color Rush jerseys for 2016 are yellow, not white. But the Rams didn’t wear all yellow, apparently because of the potential clash with the Seahawks’ “action green” ensemble.

So the Rams instead wore their existing white jerseys and existing white pants, mashing them together with white horns on the blue helmets. They should have instead made alternative Color Rush uniforms for the game, which would have looked great when coupled with the blue-and-white helmets -- and which possibly would have sold plenty of units in the holiday season.

Even if the uniforms wouldn’t have been marketed, it would have made more sense for the Rams to go all-in with their old-school look. The end result seemed cheap and incomplete.