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Randy Gregory’s agent gives their version of decision to ditch Cowboys for Broncos

Charean Williams joins Mike Florio to unpack DE's Randy Gregory's contract negotiations with the Dallas Cowboys and why he ultimately chose to go play for the Denver Broncos.

Randy Gregory and his agent, Peter Schaffer, weren’t going to get into a back and forth with the Cowboys over Gregory’s decision to not sign with Dallas but to instead jump to Denver. But since the Cowboys are complaining to reporters about what transpired, Schaffer has decided to tell Gregory’s story.

Schaffer told PFT by phone on Tuesday evening that he had negotiated an agreement between Gregory and the Broncos, and that it was basically done on Monday night. Then, the Cowboys got heavily involved.

Per Schaffer, owner and G.M. Jerry Jones got Gregory on the phone to make the pitch. The Cowboys increased their offer to match Denver’s. As Schaffer tells it, the Cowboys told Gregory, “‘We love you, we will support you. This is the best place for you. We know who you are.’”

Gregory then decided not to sign with the Broncos, and to stay with the Cowboys. But next came the actual contract from the Cowboys. Schaffer said he was surprised to find language wiping out all guarantees in the event of any fine imposed by the NFL.

“No other teams have that language in their contracts,” Schaffer told PFT. “No other teams. Never in 30 years have I seen that language.”

Teams usually void guarantees in the event of a suspension. The Cowboys void guarantees in the event of a fine.

Schaffer said that the move bothered Gregory. The Cowboys had fallen behind in the negotiations, and then Jerry got personally involved. He cited the personal relationship, the familiarity.

When the Cowboys added the clause wiping out guarantees in the event of a fine, Schaffer asked them about it. Per Schaffer, the Cowboys said they use it for every contract. However, Schaffer later learned that they didn’t put that language in the Dak Prescott deal.

Schaffer said he then gave the Cowboys an opportunity to remove the language. They didn’t.

Adam Prasifka, the Cowboys’ cap specialist and contract negotiator, explained to Schaffer that the clause was included because Stephen Jones had previously told Schaffer that any contract offered to Gregory would contain standard forfeiture language. Schaffer tells PFT that none of the proposals mentioned that language, and that Stephen Jones previously declined to engage in negotiations with Schaffer, instead directing Schaffer to deal with Prasifka.

At the end of it all, Gregory was upset. Given his history of issues under the substance-abuse policy, Gregory thought the Cowboys were trying to pull a fast one by potentially setting him up for a wiping out of guarantees in the event of a mere fine.

Ultimately, the Cowboys had a chance to remove the language. They didn’t. The Broncos didn’t insist on similar language, and Gregory will sign with the Broncos after 4:00 p.m. ET on Wednesday.