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Randy Moss apparently has parted ways with long-time agent

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Earlier this year, Patriots receiver Randy Moss made it known that he doesn’t expect the Patriots to sign him to a contract extension.

It could be that he will be enlisting a new agent to help him try to get a new deal done. Moss is entering the final year of his contract, during which he’s due to earn a base salary of $6.4 million.

A reader/tipster advised us earlier today that Moss has filed the paperwork necessary to sever ties with Tim DiPiero, who has represented Moss since his career began in 1998. We’ve indirectly confirmed the development via the absence of Moss on the comprehensive list of players and agents available on the NFLPA website. Traditionally, active players who are without agents are omitted from the list.

Per the reader/tipster, Moss currently is looking for a new agent. Under NFLPA rules, five days must pass after the termination before a new agent is hired.

DiPiero first represented Moss in connection with the high school brawl that resulted in his Notre Dame scholarship being pulled. DiPiero also guided Moss through subsequent legal issues, including a positive marijuana test generated while he was serving a 30-day work-release sentence, which resulted in his dismissal from Florida State and another 60 days on work release.

Moss hired DiPiero after leaving Marshall with remaining eligibility. DiPiero and his former partner, Dante DiTrapano, represented Moss together, along with Bus Cook. (According to Cook’s website, Moss also was wooed by the late Johnnie Cochran.) Moss stuck with DiPiero after issues with drugs resulted in DiTrapano’s incarceration. (DiPiero was never involved in any allegations of wrongdoing.)

It’s unknown whether Moss separated from DiPiero with any other agent in mind, or whether Moss plans to do a search from scratch.