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Ravens finally deleted their victim-blaming tweet

Screen shot 2014-09-08 at 4.10.27 PM

The process of scrubbing any vestige of Ray Rice from the Ravens organization has begun.

This afternoon, the Ravens finally deleted the tweet from the initial Ray and Janay Rice press conference, that charming one where they documented her apology for getting punched in the face and knocked unconscious.

Fortunately, we figured this might happen so we took a screenshot of it this afternoon when it was still up.

For the record, PR chief Kevin Byrne’s 1,200-word opus on why he likes Ray Rice is still on the team website.

That tweet might be as stark a reminder as any of how poorly they handled this case throughout.

There’s a certain element of circling the wagons a team is expected to do, but blaming the victim of domestic violence was ridiculous then, ridiculous now, and shameful even as they try to distance themselves from it.

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