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Report: Eddie Lacy talking to P90X creator about training



If I didn’t know better, I’d wonder whether the blatant, public fat-shaming of Packers running back Eddie Lacy by coach Mike McCarthy were the setup for a brilliant marketing plan. Whether spontaneous or premeditated, the folks who made P90X have found a way to reignite a brand that seems to be gradually fading from the lexicon of workout alternatives.

Via TMZ, P90X creator Tony Horton is in talks with Lacy regarding a training regimen. The news comes only days after Horton went public (in comments to TMZ) with interest in working with Lacy.

Time will tell whether this goes anywhere, or whether it’s just an effort by Horton to remind everyone about P90X, which actually is an effective routine. (I did the full program five years ago, and last year I did P90X3, a more efficient 30-minute-per-day edition that yields similar results. That’s a totally free and gratuitous endorsement. For a change.)

Lacy primarily needs help with his diet, but working out the right way will burn off more of the calories he’s obviously ingesting. Whatever Lacy does, he’s on notice that the time has come to make serious changes. Otherwise, he will be changing teams, if not professions.