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Roger Staubach calls Tony Romo “a Super Bowl quarterback”

TIME/CNN/People/Fortune White House Correspondents' Dinner Cocktail Party

WASHINGTON, DC - APRIL 30: Candice Crawford and NFL player Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys attend the TIME/CNN/People/Fortune White House Correspondents’ dinner cocktail party at the Washington Hilton on April 30, 2011 in Washington, DC. (Photo by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Time Warner)

Getty Images for Time Warner

Tony Romo is the right quarterback to lead the Dallas Cowboys to the Super Bowl, according to a quarterback who knows what it takes to lead the Cowboys to the Super Bowl.

Pro Football Hall of Famer Roger Staubach says Romo is the man to get it done.

“He hasn’t been the problem,” Staubach said, per the Dallas Morning News. “He’s done unbelievable. He’s right at the top of the NFL as far as a quarterback -- as far as his statistics and the things he does. He moves around the pocket. He makes great plays. Our quarterback is not our problem in Dallas. We’ve got a Super Bowl quarterback . . . I really believe that the league is so close in parity . . . and Dallas is the kind of team with Jason [Garrett] that they can be right there in the thick of it this year. . . . And they have the quarterback that can do it.”

Staubach knows that some fans in Dallas have questioned whether Romo is 100 percent committed to football, or whether he’d rather be a golfer or a celebrity, but Staubach doesn’t see why anyone questions Romo’s dedication.

“I don’t understand that,” Staubach said. “He is a fierce competitor. He works out. He’s with his team during the season. He’s one heckuva football player. I think he has been a leader. Leaders -- you mature as you get experience yourself at that position. But the players like him. And look what he’s done. He’s accomplished a lot.”

So Staubach is satisfied with Romo’s performance. But to satisfy Cowboys fans, Romo is actually going to have to get to a Super Bowl.