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Sammy Watkins: My comments were inappropriate

Sammy Watkins


Bills wide receiver Sammy Watkins posted another comment to Instagram Wednesday, but this one probably won’t have to be deleted after the public gets a chance to read it.

Watkins got some attention earlier this week when he responded to people who posted comments on a picture of Watkins and his daughter enjoying themselves at Disney World during a week off for the Bills. The majority of those comments were not tips about which rides were worth taking twice. They were unsurprising and often vitriolic criticism of Watkins for being injured and Watkins responded by calling those people “losers” with “little jobs” who should “get a life.”

Watkins later deleted his comment, which was a pretty empty gesture given the lifespan of things posted on the internet. He doubled back on Wednesday to post an apology for his “inappropriate” comments and that he criticism is “part of the game.” Watkins also said that he’s frustrated about being injured because he wants to “help the team and win for the city of Buffalo and for my teammates.”

It’s never a good move for a professional athlete to mock the lives and jobs of others, even when the desire to do so comes from as reasonable a place as Watkins’s displeasure with people using a picture of him and his daughter as a platform to slam him. If he can’t avoid taking that bait, it’s probably best to share his social media life only with those he knows since it’s long been clear that opening such things to the masses is going to lead to negative comments for Watkins and just about everyone else in the public eye.