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During a Friday radio spot on WQAM in Miami with Jim Mandich, former NFL defensive tackle Warren Sapp elaborated on his recent labeling of former teammate Keyshawn Johnson as a “bitch” based upon the fact that he’ll be doing an interior design show on A&E. Sapp explained that Johnson would never take responsibility for anything during their mutual tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. (And that’s to our friend at WQAM for forwarding the transcript to us.) It culminated in 2003, the season after the Bucs won a Super Bowl title. Rookie quarterback Chris Simms was in camp, throwing balls to Johnson. “Me and [linebacker Derrick] Brooks walked across the field and Chris Simms was there,” Sapp said. “He’s a big left-handed kid -- Christopher as his father tells me he named him, Christopher Simms -- and he throws the ball to Keyshawn on an out-route. Me and Brooks was right there in front of Keyshawn and he drops the ball and looks back at the kid and says, ‘Your ball spins funny.’ I looked at Brooks and I said, ‘I will never say another word to this man. He don’t know what my bad is Brooks. It’s always someone else’s fault.’

“Brooks said, ‘Wow.’ So that’s why I said what I said. Enough is enough. You want to get on a damn show or do something crazy, yeah, but interior decorating? I mean come on. Let’s be men about this.”

Yeah, let’s be men, Warren. And there’s nothing men like more than ballroom dancing.