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Scheduling formula could make it difficult for more than one AFC East team to get to playoffs

Mike Florio and Chris Simms shed light on why Aaron Rodgers is “forward thinking” for electing to wear No. 8 with the Jets, out of respect for Joe Namath.

In theory, all four teams from a given division can make it to the playoffs, thanks to the presence of three wild-card berths in each conference.

Whether more than one team from a given division depends on many factors. One, obviously, is the quality of the teams. But that’s just part of it.

Another very important factor is the schedule. This year, beyond playing six games against other very good teams from the AFC East, they play all four teams from the AFC West -- and all four teams from the NFC East.

That’s 14 of 17 games. It will make it harder for the AFC East teams to fatten up their schedules to the point at which anyone other than the division champion will make it to the postseason.

With four divisions in every conference, at least one division will send only one team to the playoffs. This year, that could be the AFC East.

Which means that there’s a chance the Jets won’t get to the playoffs at all, unless they win the division.

Consider their schedule. Bills twice. Dolphins twice. Patriots twice. Chiefs. Eagles. Cowboys. Giants. Chargers. Raiders. Broncos. Commanders. Browns, Falcons. Texans.