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Team-by-team cap numbers, from NFL’s calculations

The available cap space for the various NFL teams leaks from time to time, either based on NFLPA calculations or the NFL’a numbers. (Recently, the NFLPA publicized the numbers to demonstrate that plenty of teams had plenty of money to spend, even if few were spending.)

Earlier today, we quoted some cap numbers, based on the NFLPA’s calculations. Since then, we’ve gotten our hands on the NFL’s calculations for each team, as of Monday.

“So why don’t you shut up and post them already?”


Browns: $33.4 million.

Buccaneers: $28.8 million.*

Bengals: $28.1 million.

Jaguars: $25.9 million.

Eagles: $23.1 million.

Packers: $15.6 million.

Bills: $13.4 million.

Cardinals: $9.4 million.

Colts: $9.3 million.

Dolphins: $9.2 million.

Patriots: $8.7 million.

Broncos: $8.4 million.

Seahawks: $7.2 million.

Vikings: $6.8 million.

Lions: $6.7 million.

Titans: $6.3 million.

Chargers: $6.2 million.

Panthers: $5.8 million.

Cowboys: $4.8 million.

Jets: $4.7 million.

Ravens: $4.3 million.

Giants: $3.9 million.

Chiefs: $3.9 million.

Rams: $3.7 million.

Texans: $3.3 million.

Bears: $3.1 million.

Raiders: $3.1 million.

Falcons: $2.6 million.

Saints: $1.6 million.

Steelers: $1.0 million.

49ers: $825,000.

Redskins: $29,000.

*The Buccaneers number does not include the Darrelle Revis contract, which has a 2013 cap number of $16 million.