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Texans apparently are trying to get more teams to the table for Deshaun Watson

Miami could reportedly strike a deal with Houston for Deshaun Watson as soon as this week, with the trade deadline on Nov. 2. Mike Florio and Myles Simmons discuss the likelihood and whether he would be allowed to play.

In late August, rumors intensified of a looming trade that would send quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Texans to the Dolphins. Ultimately, the Texans and Dolphins couldn’t strike a deal on compensation.

Now, the Texans reportedly could trade Watson to the Dolphins by the end of the week. If that information is coming from the Texans, the motivation is obvious. If any other teams will be coming to the table, now is the time to do it.

In the aftermath of the report from John McClain of the Houston Chronicle that the long-awaited Texans-Dolphins transaction could be happening this week, reported that the Texans also have spoken to the Eagles and Panthers about a deal.

The Eagles have remained on the fringes of a potential Watson trade, a possibility that has intensified as the Eagles gather more evidence to suggest that Jalen Hurts won’t be the franchise quarterback they covet. A few weeks ago, the Panthers were undefeated and likely out of consideration. With the team slumping and owner David Tepper obsessed with getting a franchise quarterback, a possible trade for Watson slides back onto the table.

The Broncos, frankly, also should be thinking about it, given the current performance of their quarterbacks.

Regardless of which teams are eventually at the table, the Texans know that if they can make one of them (like the Dolphins) think that someone else (like the Eagles or Panthers) will snatch Watson before Miami can do the deal, the Texans will get more for Watson’s contract.

Weeks ago, we said that the Dolphins should just give the Texans what they want and be done with it. Unused draft picks have great value until they’re used. Based on the picks the Dolphins have used in recent years, the Dolphins need to realize that it’s far better to acquire the proven commodity.

With the team losing five in a row and Tua Tagovailoa showing that he’s not likely to become a franchise quarterback, either, a Watson trade also could save G.M. Chris Grier and/or coach Brian Flores.

The only person that matters with Miami is owner Stephen Ross. He wants Watson. And American oligarchs tend to get what they want. The oligarch in Houston is trying to make the oligarch in New York who owns the football team in Miami think that the oligarch in New Jersey who owns the football team in Carolina or the oligarch in Philadelphia or some other oligarch will get there first.

That’s the reason for Wednesday’s report. That’s why the operative word is “could.” It becomes “will” only if Ross blinks. The Texans are still trying to get him to do that.