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Tom Brady reiterates his plan to work for Fox

Mike Florio and Chris Simms discuss how Tom Brady would only need 24 of 32 owners, not all of them, to allow him to play for the Raiders as a part-owner, if the opportunity were to arise.

One of the lingering questions regarding the short-term future of quarterback Tom Brady is whether he will go through with his plan to work for Fox as of 2024.

In his Thursday interview with SINow (he’s apparently doing a media tour, because he has appeared on other platforms, too), Brady mentioned that he is “looking forward to my broadcasting job at Fox next year.”

A theory has emerged that Brady, who opted to delay the Fox gig by a year (assuming he truly doesn’t play this year), ultimately won’t do it. Long-time NFL game producer Fred Gaudelli, who had many production meetings over the years with Brady, recently said that he never sensed any desire by Brady to become a broadcaster.

As it relates to Brady being retired, I’ll believe it when he doesn’t return before or during the season. As it relates to Brady becoming a broadcaster, I’ll believe it when he does.

So with this year’s topic being whether Brady will change his mind about playing, next year’s topic will be whether Brady changes his mind about broadcasting.