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Toronto’s Doug Ford continues clumsy quest for NFL team


Toronto politicians Rob and Doug Ford, who have proven to be as adept at the nuances of the NFL as Bob and Doug McKenzie, made waves recently after Doug suggested that the Jaguars or Saints could move to Toronto. Eventually, Doug Ford had to publicly acknowledge that, when it comes to the potential relocation of the Saints from New Orleans, he’s clueless.

Doug Ford is proving to be equally clueless when it comes to the other Toronto target.

According to the Globe & Mail, Ford made some comments on Monday that reveal a fundamental misunderstanding of the Jaguars’ attendance dynamics. “How can the NFL keep ignoring the fourth-largest market in North America? They can’t, five-six million people. There are small little markets in the NFL, like Jacksonville, that are struggling, that can barely crack 20,000 a game.”

Truth be told, the Jags averaged more than 63,000 per game in 2010. Though the franchise hardly has found a long-term answer to the year-in, year-out challenge to sell tickets, the suggestion that the Jaguars “can barely crack 20,000 a game” is every bit as wrong as the notion that the Saints could leave New Orleans.

Still, Doug Ford remains undeterred. “Their No. 1 choice is L.A.,” Doug Ford said of the NFL. “You take a guess who their No. 2 choice is.”

It may currently be Toronto, but that could be jeopardized as long as Doug Ford keeps spewing No. 2 when it comes to the viability of NFL franchises in their current homes.