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Victor Cruz: Patriots “don’t want to see us” in Super Bowl

The Giants don't need to win Sunday, but by playing its starters, New York could ruin the Redskins' season.

We’re not even through with the regular season, but Giants wide receiver Victor Cruz has already given a thought to the final game of the season.

And if the Giants are in it, he the Patriots might not want to face them.

They don’t want to see us,” Cruz said, via Seth Walder of the New York Daily News. “I’m sure if you ask them (they’d say) they’d play anybody, they don’t care. I’m sure they don’t want to see us. That’s for sure.”

Of course, this is the first time both teams have been in the playoffs since the Giants beat the Patriots five years ago, and that’s not the fault of the Patriots. And the Giants have the much tougher road to get to Houston, having to play one more game than the Patriots would since they didn’t win their division.

But the thoughts of a third Super Bowl between them was still something to fantasize about.

“Oh man, you can’t even put it into words almost,” Cruz said. “For it to be round three, us and them in another epic Super Bowl showdown. It’d be for all the marbles. The third time is when, I mean they’ll have a lot riding on it, we will have a lot riding on it. It’ll just be one of those moments you (couldn’t) forget.”

Cruz gave the obligatory mention of not really caring which team the Giants were playing if they could get to Super Bowl LI, but it’s clear that before they face their first NFC opponent, the final game is already on his mind.