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Votes still being gathered in blame-game poll


When I woke up Saturday morning to see that the lockout had arrived, I wasn’t surprised.

But I was pissed.

And we know that plenty of you are pissed, too. So we posted a poll aimed at giving you a way to vent your frustration.

More than 37,000 of you have voted so far. We’d like to get the pool above 50,000. Ideally, we’d like to get at least 103,216 votes, which would be one more vote than the official attendance at Super Bowl XLV.

So cast your vote. More than 58,000 of you already have stopped by PFT today, and the final number of unique visitors for Monday will be well over 300,000. Surely, we can get to six figures in our poll.

Currently, 38.34 percent blame the players, 24.74 percent blame the owners, and 36.59 percent blame both. A whopping 0.32 percent blame neither.

Who do you blame? Come up with a position, and then click the appropriate button.

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