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Wade Phillips chose his throwback attire to “recognize” his dad


Wade Phillips brought the coat out of the closet in Goliad, Texas, to wear for the Rams’ arrival in Atlanta on Sunday night. Phillips’ stepmother, Debbie, sent Bum Phillips’ coat to Wade so he could honor his late father.

“Well, they had been egging me on, and then I thought, ‘Well, you know I really should do something,” Wade Phillips said. “If somebody’s going to recognize my dad, I’d love to do that. That’s why I did that.”

Bum Phillips wore the coat on the sideline, completing the look with a cowboy hat. Wade Phillips recreated it Sunday.

“You can’t do those things anymore,” Wade Phillips said. “He was the last guy to break the mold, to be on the sideline with a cowboy hat and that coat.”

Wade Phillips got a lot of critics’ choice awards for his throwback attire, including from his players.

“I thought that was pretty dope because I’d been hearing like rumors, people had been trying to get him to do that for the longest and for him to get to a Super Bowl and finally do that for his dad, I thought that was awesome,” Rams defensive lineman Michael Brockers said.