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Week 10 power rankings

APTOPIX Vikings Packers Football

Green Bay Packers’ John Kuhn celebrates with fans after catching a touchdown pass during the second half of an NFL football game against the Minnesota Vikings Monday, Nov. 14, 2011, in Green Bay, Wis. (AP Photo/Morry Gash)


1. Packers (No. 1; 9-0): Beating the Vikings has become almost boring for the Packers. It’s definitely boring for the TV audience.

2. 49ers (No. 2; 8-1): Alex Smith needs to realize that being called a “game manager” is a lot better than what he previously was called.

3. Steelers (No. 6; 7-3): The Steelers are back in control of the division. For now.

4. Patriots (No. 8; 6-3): The Patriots are back in control of the division. For now.

5. Saints (No. 9; 7-3): The Saints are back in . . . . Hell, you get the idea.

6. Giants (No. 3; 6-3): Here come the Cowboys. And a schedule that gets no easier.

7. Ravens (No. 4; 6-3): So much for getting a home playoff game.

8. Bears (No. 12; 6-3): Just like last year, they’re getting better on the fly. Unlike last year, they’re looking up at the Packers.

9. Texans (No. 10; 7-3): It’s possibly the only time Matt Leinart will ever quarterback a top-10 team in the NFL.

10. Bengals (No. 7; 6-3): They played well against the Steelers, but playing well and losing is still losing.

11. Lions (No. 5; 6-3): The darlings of September and October could become the disasters of November and December.

12. Cowboys (No. 15; 5-4): With two cracks at the Giants still to come, the NFC East title remains a real possibility.

13. Raiders (No. 16; 5-4): The best team in a bad division still gets a ticket to the playoff party.

14. Jets (No. 11; 5-4): Some would say Rex should do what he told that fan to do.

15. Titans (No. 23; 5-4): Matt Hasselbeck is to the rest of the current quarterbacks in the AFC South what the Packers are to the rest of the league.

16. Falcons (No. 13; 5-4): There’s a fine line between courage and stupidity. It’s precise placement usually is determined by the outcome.

17. Broncos (No. 24; 4-5): A boring offense has never been more fun to watch.

18. Bills (No. 14; 5-4): A fun offense has never been more boring to watch.

19. Buccaneers (No. 17; 4-5): The good news? The Bucs are no longer up and down.

20. Chiefs (No. 18; 4-5): The guy who beat out Joe Flacco at Pitt has a chance to salvage the Chiefs’ season.

21. Chargers (No. 19; 4-5): I’m glad I didn’t pick this team before the season to win the AFC title. [Editor’s note: Actually, I did.]

22. Seahawks (No. 30; 3-6): With four more home games, the Seahawks could match their win total from 2010. Then again, they only won seven in 2010.

23. Cardinals (No. 26; 3-6): Kevin Kolb will be the starter when he’s 100 percent. And he’ll be 100 percent once John Skelton loses a game or two.

24. Eagles (No. 20; 3-6): The playoffs start for the Eagles on Sunday.

25. Jaguars (No. 28; 3-6): The Jags’ nationally-televised games this year equal their total number of current wins.

26. Vikings (No. 21; 2-7): We’d hate to see how the Vikings would have played if they weren’t motivated by the Packers’ stated desire to run the table.

27. Panthers (No. 22; 2-7): Cam Newton didn’t hit the wall against the Titans. The wall hit him.

28. Dolphins (No. 32; 2-7): Yes, they’re going to screw up their shot at a top-1o quarterback.

29. Redskins (No. 25; 3-6): It could be time to give that Indian in the logo a Chucky-style snarl.

30. Rams (No. 26; 2-7): The next seven games will determine the future of Steve Spagnuolo in St. Louis.

31. Browns (No. 27; 3-6): Bad snap, bad hold, bad kick. Bad team.

32. Colts (No. 31; 0-10): The only remaining question is whether Andrew Luck will do to the Colts what John Elway did to the Colts in 1983.